SEO At The Speed Of Light

seo speed of lightHey, you know those sci-fi shows like Star Trek where they hit “warp speed” and shoot through space like a bullet at the speed of light?

Well, most sites are moving at “turtle speed” instead.

When you visit these websites it takes them 20-30 seconds to load. You get bored, you get frustrated, you see something shiny and click away. And your readers are doing the same every time they visit your sites too.

What does this have to do with SEO?

You see, the longer it takes your visitors to your site in the first place, the less visitors you get. Which means, less pages views, clicks and time spent on your site. Which essentially means you’re losing half of your web traffic by making it hard for your readers to see your content.

Back in the “old days” of the Interweeble…

Now, this used to be a huge problem in the “old days” of Internet marketing. Because back then the most important thing you could do to improve your site was to speed up your load times.

But today we’ve grown so accustomed to fast computers, quick loading web pages and high-speed Internet. It’s easy to forget that half the world does not have high-speed internet or a modern computer to “surf it”.

The truth is, a lot of people are using the 2010 equivalent of Commodore 64s (an old type of computer). And a lot of people are stuck with substandard Internet access. Some people are using WiFi connections in bookstores, restaurants, or Internet Cafes. Others are quite literally “surfing the interweb” with a rusty coat-hanger and a can of Pringles. I kid you not…

The point is…

Make your website load faster and you’re automatically going to increase the amount of traffic you’re getting. Or at the very least, the amount of traffic that stays on your site more than a nanosecond.

How can you fix this problem?

#1 Visit your website from somebody else’s computer. Or take that old rusty computer from your basement, put on rubber gloves and plug it in. Assuming it can actually connect to the Internet through black magic or a modem, you’re all set.

#2 “How fast is you web page loading?” If your site taking more than 20-30 seconds then your website basically doesn’t exist. Nobody will stick around that long without clicking the “back” button. You need to fix this problem pronto.

Here’s a quick checklist…

  • Resize your pictures – big pictures take time to load.
  • Remove Google Ads from you site – ads take time to load.
  • Use lower quality video – videos take time to load.
  • Try a different template – some templates take forever to load.
  • Remove the whizbang widgets – some widgets take ages to load.
  • And anything else that might be slowing you down…

Basically, log in to your website and rip out everything that could be slowing your site down or get somebody who knows how (the Pizza Boy) to do that for you.

Because this is serious stuff. If your site isn’t loading properly, forget about leads or making money online, nobody will even read your content in the first place.

But, hit the warp speed and you’re ready to roll… or errrm… fly, I guess?

There’s actually a few plugins that help with this too, but I haven’t reviewed them yet, so I didn’t want to recommend them myself.

Maybe, you’re using one right now? By all means, share your recommendations below.

I’m sure that would really help some people out.

See you soon,
The Jason Better Blog