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What almost nobody knows about Jason Better…

Jason Better

Well, you already know my name is Jason Better. Folks call me the “Better Networker” because I’m always striving to get better at what I do. But you might also know me from BetterNetworker.com because I’m kinda the brains of that whole operation too.

I’m pulling your leg!

It’s actually a team operation and we have some great peeps on board. So I hope you’re part of that community. It’s the happening place to be in network marketing today.

What Really Drives Me

What really drives me is a passion for helping people reach their dreams of independence and 6-figure success through Network Marketing. It’s not easy but it’s possible as long as you hang in there.

A few personal details…

Hmmm… let’s see. I like to read about marketing, selling, copywriting, psychology, personal development, wealth and more.

Some of my favorite authors are Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Robert G. Allen, But I like to kick back every once in awhile with a good mystery or suspense novel or even a movie.

I’m not a big TV Show buff because there’s always something to do, but I have been known to crash for a few days and catch up on it when I need to recharge. Mostly documentaries and history stuff.

Yeah, I’m an education nut. Always learning something new, buying new books, courses, or seminars. I listen to them on my Ipod when I go for a walk and exercise is a part of my daily routine.

In fact, I practice the ancient art of Kung Fu so don’t mess with me. I’m dangerous like a cobra. But I’m not all about cracking skulls. I love Roller Derby too. :-)

Actually, when it comes down to it I’m a bit of a softie inside. But don’t expect me to hold your hand… because I tell it like it is.

Okay… that’s a cliche… but still.

You get the point right?

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Jason Better is the co-founder and voice of Better Networker, the worlds largest home based business social network. You can learn more about Jason Better on his profile here.