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My “Magic Formula” For Article Marketing Mastery

There’s about a hundred “gazillion” ways to write articles. But, when I want results I almost always use a variation of AIDA (That’s Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) with a twist. Here it is… You might call it my “Magic Formula” for writing articles. Now, if you really want to “stamp” this on your brain then

Did This Better Networker Article Make $30,000 Bucks In A Day?

Wow! If you’re hanging around Better Networker today then I HIGHLY recommend you check out Charles Hubner’s latest article. He tells the story of how one article he posted on Better Networker generated over $30,000 dollars in single day – crazy! You see, that’s the “MAGIC POWER” of articles… UNFORTUNATELY, Article marketing isn’t as easy

How To Write Articles Like Agatha Christie (Or Jason Better)…

I’ve only read one mystery novel by Agatha Christie, “And Then There Were None” (Also known as “Ten Little Indians”) but the story has permanently tattooed itself on my brain. Because there’s one secret Agatha uses through the whole novel that will help any article marketer write more persuasive, gripping, and I dare say hypnotic