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13 E-mail Subject Lines That Got Oodles Of Clicks | E-mail Marketing

Wowzers, I’m shoveling through the e-mails I sent in the last 30 days and I simply can’t believe how many subject lines I’ve written. Never mind the e-mails! But the problem is, sometimes a fantastic e-mail gets buried under a terrible subject line and nobody opens it up! SOO, I thought you would like to

The Shocking Confessions Of A Copywriting “Grease Monkey”…

Yesterday, I coughed-up a few e-mail marketing “secrets” I really did NOTwant to set loose. You know, I love to write fancy-schmancy headlines, subject lines, and e-mails. Maybe you do too. But honestly, it’s not always copy that wins at the end of the day. At the end of the day, copy is a wrench

How To Get Your E-mails Opened Without Any “Copywriting Kung-Fu”

Okay, I’ve witnessed amazing open and click-through rates in some of the e-mails I’ve sent over the years and here’s my shocking discovery: It has almost nothing to do with copy! Before you toss stones at me, hear me out… Because I swear this is true: You see, your open rate depends more on your

3 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Write “Better” E-mails

Have you ever wondered why nobody really talks about e-mail marketing? I mean, all you hear about is articles, sales letters, teleseminars, and webinars. But really, when it all boils down, the top Internet marketers areSTILL using e-mail marketing to bring in the BIG BUCKS. I know what I’m talking about, because I write more