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How To Convert Targeted Traffic Into Red-Hot QUALIFIED Leads

Guest Post: Hani Mourra You really only need two components to build a sustainable business online: content and traffic. Sure, you’ve probably heard that before, but here’s what you may not know. You’ve got the traffic thing down. People are coming back to your site and they love what you have, but you still don’t

Josh Garcia Wins Guest Post On The Jason Better Blog

If you’ve been hanging around the Jason Better Blog then you know that Josh Garcia almost always “ninjas” the first comment of the day. Of course, this makes everybody elsejealous, because in actual fact he’s siphoning off a whopping 4% of my web traffic – not a small reward Obviously, he won’t let anybody in

Which Post Got More Comments?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic sentence that would unleash a flood of comments on your blog in hours? Well, we’ve talked about it before, but I don’t think most bloggers fully understand how effective a “call to action” can be. So I did a test. Nothing too technical. I just wondered…