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The ONE Question Network Marketers Simply Can’t Resist

Okay, here’s a riddle for you: What’s the ONE QUESTION that nobody in Network Marketing has ever resisted? The one question they actually want to hear? Well, don’t burst your brain thinking it over because obviously I’m gonna to tell you anyway. What’s more… I’m also gonna tell you exactly what to answer when somebody

MLM Leaders – The Difference Between Bullets And Duds.

Do you know what a dud is? A dud is a bullet or bomb which refuses to get fired-up! I mean, it just sits there looking dumb and never does a thing. It’s shiny. It was meant to do something. It had a purpose, but somehow it just fell short of the job. Now, I’m

10 Ways To Qualify MLM Prospects

I once knew a guy who said you could pick a leader out from the crowd by waiting for the one man who will stoop down and pick up the trash instead of walking around it. And although I’m not sure if that’s true… I think it would be nice to know ahead of time

Don’t Freak If You Hate Selling Or Elevators Do This Instead…

I knew a guy who was scared of elevators. One day his wife forced him into one. Bad idea. You couldn’t possibly imagine what happened next. Of course, he was white as a ghost, shaking all over the place. His wife and a hotel security guard were crammed in there too. Now, this guy was

How To Sell With A Broken Foot…

Let me tell you why old salesmen limp… This is a selling ‘secret’ old pros whisper to young greenhorns… a secret that almost always gets ignored. Yet, if you’ll give me a chance to prove it to you then I’ll show you how you can use it to make prospecting as easy as saying “hello.”

100 Ways To Die A Painful Network Marketing Death…

Hey, I hope you find today’s post every bit as exciting as yesterday’s. Thanks for the feedback… it’s appreciated. Today we’re gonna talk about the dreaded list of 100 names. You’ve probably heard all about this if you’ve been in network marketing or even plain old sales for a while. It’s an old way to

How To Crack The Twitter Egg And Get Free Web Traffic

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the free web traffic you’d ever need and get it free? You’re probably thinking “Yeah right” but let me explain before you brush this off. As you probably know, some networkers are driving THOUSANDS of FREE VISITORS to their websites every single month with Twitter

How To Hook MLM Leads Like A Smallmouth Bass

Today, I’m going to ask you to get cozy with a cup of your favorite warm beverage, whether that’s coffee, tea, or anything else. And, I’m going to tell you a story about how I learned to hook MLM leads like a fisherman hooks Smallmouth Bass. I want you to imagine a sizzling summer many

The Mother Lode Of Lead Generation Tips…

Imagine waking up, stretching your arms, plopping your feet on the floor, and grabbing breakfast. You pour yourself a cup of coffee. You slap your computer: it whirs, beeps, buzzes, and dingles. Finally, you check your e-mail and your jaw slaps the floor… Your inbox is flooded with leads! You can’t even see the bottom

Trust ‘Machine’ Shows Skeptics You’re Not A Scammer…

ometimes it feels like the whole world hates you. You mention your business to friends and family and they shake their heads and give you a pat on the shoulder… if their eyes don’t roll. You get no respect… Even when you start to make a little money they don’t seem to believe you. So