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3 Ways To Kill Stinky Links & More Network Marketing Tips

Sheesh, it seems like every time I learn something new about SEO there’s five hundred gazillion more “stinky” SEO secrets to learn too. It’s a little overwhelming some days… But have no fear, Jason Better is here, and I will do my level best to keep things “brain dead” simple. So, Here’s 3 Ways To

How A Ninja Picks Keywords For Network Marketing SEO

Today, I have a sneaky little ninja tip I almost didn’t want to give away. Because it’s probably the easiest way to pick MLM SEO Keywords. THE BEST PART: You don’t need to subscribe to (or pay for) fancy schmancy SEO Keyword picking software… Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with programs and websites

Proof That Search Engine Marketing Still Works| MLM SEO Tips

Honestly, I wouldn’t call myself an SEO expert. But, I do know enough about SEO Keywords and SEO Marketing to get ranked on Google fairly fast. And I’m always adding to my SEO skills. But, let’s face it, there’s a lot of people “SEOing” for MLM Keywords these days. It’s highly competitive. Sooo, is Search

Hide Your SEO Keywords Like A Chipmunk | MLM SEO Tips

Hey, have you ever seen a chipmunk (or a squirrel) stuff nuts into its cheeks? It’s ridiculous! Seriously, chipmunks shove peanuts into their cheeks until it looks like their little furry noggins are about to EXPLODE. What do chipmunks have to do with SEO? Well, it kinda reminds of the way “SEO Experts” stuff keywords

The SEO Hydra | MLM SEO Tips

Okay, so today I thought we could just dig into some basic SEO Marketing tips, or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as the experts call it. Specifically, I’m going to tell you all about the absolutely terrifying “SEO Hydra”. And how to cut it up into itty-bitty digestible chunks… Now, the ABC’s of Search Engine Marketing

8 Things I Love About Blogging

Weeks ago, I wrote an article called “Seven Things I Hate About Blogging” and it prompted Mitchell Dillman to ask: “Who ****** on your cornflakes buddy?” So today, over a cup of Maxwell House coffee, I thought I would take a moment to be grateful for everything I love about blogging. I hope that you’ll

Puts Your Face On Comments…

This is almost as creepy as the movie “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”.Because everywhere I go, people are walking around without a face. No, seriously! People visit my blog every day and when I look at their face, they have no eyes, or ears, or even breathing holes. I’m getting a little creeped out already…

This Magic Widget Makes Your Comments Pretty…

ARRRRRRGHH! I was ready to pull out my hair, kick a kitten, and toss my laptop out the second floor window of my office when this widget came to my rescue. It turns out my comments were not “threading” properly so whenever somebody replied to a comment it wouldn’t appear under the original comment. Gosh,

More MLM Leads With New Facebook Share Button

Did you notice something funky about this blog lately? I’ll give you a hint. It’s blue and starts with the “F” word. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. It’s the Facebook Share Button! Aren’t you excited? Well, you should be! This little button is a gem. It works pretty much exactly like the Tweetmeme Button.

Stop Leaking Network Marketing Leads With Your 404 Page

Imagine if every seventh time you opened your front door there was a different person’s home behind it. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to almost every seventh person who visits your blog. And whether you know it or not, you’re probably losing a lot of your network marketing leads. It’s called a “404 Page” And