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SEO At The Speed Of Light

Hey, you know those sci-fi shows like Star Trek where they hit “warp speed” and shoot through space like a bullet at the speed of light? Well, most sites are moving at “turtle speed” instead. When you visit these websites it takes them 20-30 seconds to load. You get bored, you get frustrated, you see

SEO, Robots And Your Blog…

A while back, I went to see that movie “Transformers” and for some reason I can’t think about search engine optimization without thinking of “Optimus Prime”. You know, that big blue transport that “transforms” into a giant ninja robot with some kinda laser taser? Of course, it doesn’t help when your friends have a kid

The Secret Of Long Tail Keywords

Today, I bring you the secret of ‘long tail’ keywords. It’s something you can do to get ranked on the first page of Google for your keywords, so it’s powerful stuff. I’ll show you how did it last Sunday night, by accident. You see, being a prolific writer has it’s advantages. I’m kinda like the

Photographic SEO Secret For Network Marketers

Last week, I wrote a post about using keywords in your links. You guys loved it so much that I thought I would share another simple SEO “secret” I’ve been keeping under wraps too. I know the SEO pros who visit my site will forgive me if I share something so obvious that it almost

My MLM Buddy Shared This Easy SEO Secret With Me

Hey, I picked up a cool SEO secret from a buddy a few weeks ago and I thought I would share it with you because it’s so gosh darned simple and practical too. In fact, it’s probably the easiest SEO trick I’ve ever discovered. And you probably know, SEO is one of the best ways