BoBN – Volume 9 w/ Raymond Fong & Ferny Ceballos

You’ve been waiting and It’s here!

The Best Of Better Networker – Volume 9

Curious what goes on behind the scenes of the biggest marketing event of the year? Then don’t miss this chance to hear unique advice, stories, and more from Raymond Fong and Fernando Ceballos, the two former rocket scientists turned SEO experts that BetterNetworker recently had a chance to “sit down” with.

In this exclusive issue:

  • Ray’s unfavorable first impression of Ferny (true story!)
  • The advice Ray postponed acting upon for weeks, which would completely change his business forever.
  • How Ray and Ferny used “inevitability thinking” to ensure their success.
  • Ferny apologizes for ripping off Mike Dillard!
  • What drinks to buy these guys in Vegas ;-)
  • The one thing they will NEVER let happen again!

click here to read all this must-read content and more from Ray and Ferny Ceballos!

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