How To Convert Targeted Traffic Into Red-Hot QUALIFIED Leads

Guest Post: Hani Mourra

You really only need two components to build a sustainable business online: content and traffic.

Sure, you’ve probably heard that before, but here’s what you may not know.

You’ve got the traffic thing down. People are coming back to your site and they love what you have, but you still don’t have any buyers; or maybe you want to find more buyers.

So, what’s next?

You Have To Turn That Targeted Traffic Into Qualified Leads


You’ve got to build a mailing list.

Build a mailing list and get in front of your prospects more often.

The more often they see you, the more they will like you, and the more they like you and become familiar with who you are, the more likely they are to trust you.

And when people trust you, they buy.

The Easiest Way To Build Your Email List…

Start sending your targeted traffic to a squeeze page. This is one of the most important pages you can have on your blog. A “squeeze page” is a way for you to capture qualified leads and build your list of subscribers. A squeeze page has one objective: to convert targeted traffic into subscribers of your Newsletter.

Here’s How It Works:

When someone visits your squeeze page they’ll be asked to enter their name and email into a form. In exchange you’ll provide them with something that is of higher value to them. It could be a free report or ebook on a topic that is important to them. It doesn’t really matter – what’s important is that it is compelling enough to get them to act.

The more often people subscribe, the faster you build your list. The faster you build your email list, the more money you make. It’s that simple.

Here’s a snapshot of a squeeze page we use on our Blogging for Coaches site:

Here’s 3 Important Tips To Help You Build Killer Squeeze Pages:

Tip 1. Make your offer compelling and tie it to your prospects pain or pleasure. People act when they experience pain or pleasure. If you can get them excited about something or you have a unique solution to their specific problem (pain) you will increase your opt-in rates. Make sure to arouse some sort of pain or pleasure on your squeeze page or it’s going to be a dud.

Tip 2. Your squeeze page should give your targeted leads ONLY one of two choices: subscribe or leave. Don’t put in other links or ads on this page because it can be distracting and bring down your opt-in rates. Remember, a squeeze page only has one objective: to convert targeted traffic into subscribers. Keep in simple and to the point.

Tip 3. Make sure to measure how your page is doing. If you send 100 targeted prospects to your squeeze page and 10 opt-in, then you have a 10% conversion rate. Not bad, but you could do much better.

I have a few squeeze pages that convert anywhere from 25% to as high as 60%. If you’re in that range then you’re doing a much better job. Think of it this way. If you get 100 people to your squeeze page each month and only 10 convert, it’s going to take a long time for you to build your list (and make money). But if you get your conversion rate up to 30%, then you just tripled the rate at which you build your list.

The best way to know if your squeeze page is good or not is to ask yourself: What do I rate this squeeze page on a scale of 1-10, 10 being super-compelling and 1 being a dud. Keep tweaking your message and testing until you create a killer squeeze page – you’ll be glad you did.

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