Listen-up, Important News For Readers Of The Jason Better Blog

Hey guys, (and gals)…

Today, I have some sad and very importantnews for devoted “Better Bunchers”…

You see, last week I wasn’t able to post as many new blog posts as I used too… BUT…

I thought I would be able to get back on track with a heroic “HURRAAAHH!” and some elbow grease this week.

Unfortunately, you know how business is, and well, it may be months until I’m able to post content on a weekly basis again.

I simply bit off way more than I could chew. :-(

You know, I can’t help but feel a little sad about this because I love hanging out with you every day and I will continue to drop-in to your blogs unexpectedly when I can, because your kind words, suggestions, and playful jokes make my days shine and I will really and truly miss hanging out with you.

With that said, it’s simply not possible for me to keep running the show at Better Networkerand writing a blog post a day… and friends are pushing me to take a day off to relax a little… because they’re worried I might have a serious addiction to work!

Gosh, if I don’t follow their advice they might lock me up in some Workaholics Anonymous ward for a couple of months and that wouldn’t be fun.

Because they would probably expect me to sit there and do nothing!

SOO, I’ve decided to cut back the number of blog posts here drastically… almost dramatically… and I will ONLY be writing a blog post if there is something super-exciting or valuable to share with you…

Unfortunately, a daily blog post is no longer possible…

Now, I would like to ask a special favor… would you please share this announcement with your friends on Facebook and Twitter today?

Thank you.

– Your Better Networker Buddy
– Jason The “Better Networker”

Jason Better

P.S. Don’t worry, you’ll still see me around Better Networker every single day. I’m not retiring yet, and I will still be writing blog posts here as time permits. But no longer on a daily basis or even weekly basis. Which means, I’ll only open my mouth and e-mail you if I have something SUPER valuable to share with you.

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