The Surprising Results Of The Better Bunch Opinion Poll

Hey, yesterday I asked the “Better Bunch” what they would like to learn about in the very near future. Well, the votes are in. And, I gotta say I was surprised to say the least…

You see, I don’t know what I expected but I was amazed by how many people voted for SEO tips, tricks, and techniques. Which means you’re in luck.

Honestly, I’ve been devoting way more time to SEO lately. Because SEO compliments my copywriting skills… AND… it’s a MASSIVE source of free web traffic – so it’s a big deal for everybody marketing their MLM opportunity online.

But that wasn’t the only surprise. So, here’s the most popular requests in order of popular demand – SEO being the number one request.

  1. SEO Tips, Tricks, And Techniques
  2. Copywriting Secrets
  3. E-mail Marketing Know how
  4. Traffic Generation Methods
  5. Blogging Tricks

Now, it’s no secret that I specialize in Copywriting. So I kinda expected to get requests for more Copywriting training and advice – it was a give in.

What really surprised me was the requests for E-mail Marketing tips. Because I thought I was flying under the radar there, but some people have noticed that’s usually how I market myself and Better Networker too. And that I came in third in the What’s Working Now affiliate contest as well.

Sooo, now that I’m caught “red-handed” I will share some of my E-mail Marketing secrets with you in the weeks ahead…

Of course, the most popular request was for SEO tips. Which also surprised me, and lucky you, that’s where I’m making the most headway lately too. So, I’ll definitely be sharing some of my SEO secrets with you soon…

Now, a few readers requested Traffic Generation tips in general…

The good news is that Traffic Generation comes almost effortlessly when you get really good at SEO, and when you write a lot of articles like I do. So, there’s no need to cover Traffic Generation in general. Because SEO is a major traffic generation tool.

Obviously I spend a lot of time Blogging too…

So, I will definitely be sharing some of my blogging insights as time flies by… these are insights you won’t find anywhere else… because I didn’t learn them in a book…

What about Pay-Per-Click And Paid Advertising?

I know there was a request for PPC, but I have to confess, I haven’t spent much time on PPC and I wouldn’t want to mislead you. (Seek out Jim Yaghi, and Perry Marshall on this topic and you will be in good hands.)

Obviously, if you’re really serious about “ramping up” your Internet Marketing you will eventually look into PPC, E-zine Advertising, and other Paid Marketing strategies.

But your Copywriting, E-mail Marketing, and SEO skills will always be there to back you up.

They are the deadly Internet Marketing trio.

They’re also skills that are nearly impossible to outsource…

With that said, If you have any more suggestions I’m all ears…

To your success,

-Jason The “Better Networker”
-The Jason Better Blog

Jason Better

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