Wolf Boy Discovers The Astonishing Secrets Of E-mail Marketing…

SO, I’ve jumped back in for a day to crushany rumors about me being abducted bywolves, aliens, or ewoks. (Although, I do have a little more stubble than I usually do!)

The truth is, I’ve been writing e-mails, specifically autoresponders, that will help new Better Networkers get the hang of things when they join our community.

So I’ve been writing about a gazillion e-mails a day.

With that said, I will be back on Monday to share some of the astonishing e-mail writing (and e-mail marketing) secrets I’ve learned over the years.

But, it may be another week until I can get back to writing a blog post every single day. (Gosh, and you guys thought I had gremlins do all my writing for me!)

In the mean time, feel free to leave your questions about e-mail marketing in a comment below and please let the other Better Networkers know that I’m still alive and haven’t been abducted by wolves by “tweeting” this announcement…

-Thank you
-Jason The “Better Networker”

Jason Better

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