How To Use WordPress Tags Properly…

Rebecca Geiger said: “Hey I was thinking about another idea for a post. Perhaps you could cover how to use tags properly and how they are used as a search on your blog?”

Well, Rebecca, that’s a killer idea for a blog post but I have aconfession

I tag everything in site, well everything on this web site that is. I don’t go around tagging people’s walls with “JB Wuzz Here, dudez.”

But I do tag everything I post.
What Is A “Tag” Anyway?
Without getting all “techno monkey” on you, a “tag” is basically a keyword that WordPress uses to search your site. I think it’s easy to think of them that way because Google sorta treats them like keywords too – so they help your SEO

They Also Help Your Readers…

“Tags” help your readers move around your blog too. They keep everything nice and tidy, so your readers can find related content at the click of a mouse. Pretty spiffy.

Plus, They Help Your Widgets…

Some plugins like the “Related Posts” plugin you see at the bottom of this article won’t even work unless you “tag” your content. So that’s something to keep in mind too.
How Many “Tags” Should You Use On Your Blog Posts?
In my humble opinion, no more than five and way less than ten.

Because WordPress (by some sorcery I don’t understand) duplicates your posts when you tag them. And it’s a scientifically validated fact that Google sends flying code monkeys after anybody who posts duplicate content.
Gremlin Tags…
Now, if that didn’t scare you away from using tags ever again, here’s more funky “Gremlin rules” – remember that movie? Don’t feed them after midnight, and don’t get them wet…

Anyway, I’m getting off topic, but here’s the rules.

You must use tags more than once.

So if I tagged this post with the word “Gremlins” and never wrote another post about Gremlins – that’s a very bad idea.

I won’t get into the logistics here, but just take my word for it, because duplicate content will start popping up like Gremlins who ate after midnight while taking a bath..

So build a list of tags you’re going to use on your blog and stick to those tags.
My last words…
Maybe you’re like me, I used to write a tag for everything. I didn’t know how bad that was for SEO. Don’t make my mistake.

I’m still trying to kill the gremlin tags.

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