Live the Dream 2 – BetterNetworker’s FULL Coverage!

In case you missed it… We’ve combined ALL of our exclusive backstage and behind-the-scenes footage from Live the Dream 2 into one video for you to enjoy!

You’ll get to see what it’s really like to be at big industry event like this one, and get a glimpse of the crazy shenanigans that most people NEVER get to see, incuding…

  • Tim Erway singing a crazy duet with BetterNetworker’s Andrew Draughon
  • Jason Better (that’s me!) gettin’ down at the VIP Party (and even falling on a few people… whoops!)
  • Hilarious outtakes from speaker interviews with Todd Falcone, Daegan Smith, Diane Hochman, Ray Higdon, and more!
  • MLSP co-founder Norbert Orlewicz sporting some seriously goofy headgear
  • What happens when you put 16 industry leaders together in one room and give them free drinks!

And much, much more…

Click here to relive all the crazy, fun, and hilarious moments!

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