Jason Better Reviews TwitterCounter.com

This is sooo cool. I don’t know if you heard about this site called TwitterCounter.combut I really think you should check it out. It will help you track your Twitter Marketing efforts and I’m sure you know how important that is.

Now, I don’t have anything to gain from this at all. It doesn’t even cost anything to use this site but I checked it out last night over a cup of Chai Tea Latte and it’s awesome.

What does TwitterCounter.com do?

It actually measures your progress on Twitter and graphs it over time. So you can see where you had slow months and where you really rocked it up on Twitter.

Another cool thing you can do with TwitterCounter.com is check out where you rank on Twitter. There’s even a list of the top 100 users if you’re curious.

And if you’re interested in showing off your follower count they have a neat little widget you can embed on your blog that updates whenever you get new followers. It’s a subtle way to build your credibility through social proof.

A Few More Features I Loved…

#1 It Predicts Followers:

It averages out the number of followers you get per day… so you can actually predict how well you’re gonna do in the next few months if you keep doing what you’re doing.

#2 It Graphs Everything:

You can graph how many followers you have and when you got them. As well, you can check out how many people you’re following if you’re curious about when you followed people…

Oh, and it counts up and graphs the amount of tweets you’ve been posting too. With all of these variables it shouldn’t be too hard for you to discover what really works on Twitter for you.

Why Does This Even Matter?

Well to start, anything like Twittercounter.com is going to help you measure your results so that you can test your internet marketing campaigns. I would actually recommend you compare these stats with your web traffic to get the most out of it. So you can see which months or even weeks you’ve been driving crazy amounts of traffic to your sites and keep doing what works.


It’s like having a compass in the internet marketing jungle.

Anyway, I just thought this was cool and I had to share it with you. I’m sure some of you guys are more tech-savvy than I am so you probably discovered this site ages ago… if so… well… you suck.

Kidding. I hope you’re as thrilled with this site as I am. Then again, maybe I’m just easily amused. But it would be totally cool if you could…

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You guys (and gals) are really striking up a dialogue these days and it’s awesome. So keep up the good work and keep networking.

To your success,

Jason The “Better Networker”
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Jason Better

P.S. I Broke My Blog! No kidding, for some strange reason my comment thinga-mabob wasn’t working the other day. So in case you missed out… I was wondering if you had any sweet ideas for blog posts in the near future. Rebecca Geiger suggested: “Opt-In Form Design, and “How To Write A “Call To Action” which are completely awesome suggestions… feel free to add a few of your own today. :-)

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